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        Directional valve

Directional valve:
Solenoid valve is the automation component used to control the fluid, belongs to the actuator, and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. The solenoid valve is used to control the direction of hydraulic flow, and the mechanical device in factory is normally controlled by hydraulic steel, thus, the solenoid valve is used. The solenoid valve has closed cavity, via holes in different locations, and each via hole has a different oil pipeline; the middle of cavity is valve and both sides of cavity are two electromagnets, when one side of magnet coil is energized, the valve will be attracted to the side, then the hydraulic fluid will be prevented or leaked out different oil outlet by controlling the movement of valve body, while the oil inlet is always opened, so the hydraulic fluid will enter different oil-discharge pipeline, then the piston of cylinder is pushed by the oil pressure, the piston rod is driven by the piston, and the mechanical device is driven by the piston rod. Thus the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current of electromagnet.

Namur pilot /air valve

Namur pilot /air valve:
Namur series: Namur valve has three kinds working pattern 3/2,5/2,5/3. And it also has 1/8” to 1” joint port size. The width of the valve body is 30mm, the flow rate 1332~1554nl/min. Namur series has perfect design, delicate progress and the reasonable price.

V series

V series:
V series: V series solenoid valve and pilot valve is the common controlling element, which has the full kinds of port size, from 1/8” to 1”. And It also has different specification, flow rate and position. It has many connecting ways with the execution element.

M/JM series Mechanical valves

M/JM series Mechanical valves:
M/JM series: M series mechanical valve in containing two kinds of working principle, 3/2,5/2. It has port size 1/4” and 1/8”. M series has personal design. It also can be chosen by the customers according to their requirements, for it has different operating button.

L/H/R series hand valves

L/H/R series hand valves:
L/H/R hand valve: This series is including three kinds such as the hand-pull 、hand- switching and hand valve. The working pattern is 3/2,4/3,5/2. It is small, but has beautiful structure. It has port size from 1/8” to 3/8”.

FV series foot valves

FV series foot valves:
Foot –petal FV series: This series valve is used in all kinds of pneumatic system. It is often operated by the foot, without hands. The working pattern is 3/2, which R、P position can be changed from each other. Thus it makes normally closed to normally open.

Rotary valves

Rotary valves:
Rotary series: Rotary series hand switching valve is 3/4.The port size 1/8” to 1 1/2”. The large port size body is made of ceramics, which is the support of the large flow rate.

accessory valves

accessory valves:
Accessories Valves: Accessories valves are including various kinds, such as KS, QE, RE, etc. And it has a wide range, from 1/8” to 2”. Generally it can be used alone, used with other valves. 

XQ Series Air Valve

XQ Series Air Valve:
XQ series: XQ series has two kinds of controlling, including machinery and manual. It also has two kinds working pattern: 5/2,3/2. The port size contains M5 to 1/4”. It is the same as the M series, the structure with different control button. Customers can choose what they like, according to their requirement.

VF/MVSD series solenoid /air valve

VF/MVSD series solenoid /air v...:
VF series: VF series solenoid valve adopts the advantages of endurance, long life-span. And It can be integrated installation. The port size is 1/4” and 1/2”.