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        XQ Series Air Valve

XQ Series Air Valve:

XQ series: XQ series has two kinds of controlling, including machinery and manual. It also has two kinds working pattern: 5/2,3/2. The port size contains M5 to 1/4”. It is the same as the M series, the structure with different control button. Customers can choose what they like, according to their requirement.


25 06 20
Work Type Joint Pipe Code Control Type
25:Two-position Five-way 02:M5(2㎜) 10:Ejector Rod Type Machine-Control Valve
23:Two-position Three-way 04:G1/8(㎜) 11:Ejector Rod Roller Type Machine-Control Valve
  06:G1/4(㎜) 12:Lever Roller Type Machine-Control Valve
    13:Can Pass Lever Roller Type Machine-Control Valve
    20:Button Valve
    20.1:Twinkling Stop Valve
    21:Hand-push Valve
    22:Hand-draw Valve