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        Air source treatment unit

Air source treatment unit:
AEROFLEX air source treatment unit has variety of specifications, including F.R.L combination, FR.L combination , air filter, air regulator, lubricator of the port size from 1/8” to 1”. The function is mainly on purifying the compressed air, setting pressure and adding lubrication. We are integrating designs, manufactures, develops and distributes technologically advanced. It adopts legerity structure, reasonable, good-longing shape, which can be easily assembled and disassembled and can meet the needs of all kind of pneumatic systems. We also have our own mould workshop, which is supportive to design special kinds of air source treatment unit for all over the world. The air source treatment units are not sold well in domestic market, but also in South America, Italy, Korean, etc.

AC series

AC series:
AC series: From set up, we have manufactured the AC series air source treatment units. It has more than twenty-year history, which is one of main products. This is the most popular kind, especially its new design. It has port size from M5 to 1” of all specifications.


ac2000-01/02 is our company new products, which has a great different from the old type. It has protective cover and special drain fitting, which can be easily fitted with the PU tube. It has the same function as the old type AC2000-01/02, the port size is 1/8”,1/4”.

A/B series

A/B series:
A/B series:A/B series is well sold in Northeast Asia and at home for many years, for its low cost ,best appearance and best quality. It has two kinds of valve body and four variety port sizes. The A series is different from B series, which mainly on protective cover and valve body.

Auto drain series

Auto drain series:
Auto drain: Generally the auto drain series are used to discharge the water in auto pump remover, air drier, air filter and so on. It is often installed the place where is not easy to discharge the dust. Thus it can prevent from pollution

Q series

Q series:
Q series :Q series air source treatment unit is including three parts air filter、air regulator  and lubricator. It has large area of diagram, which is the guarantee of the large floe rate. It can be used for a long time. It has port size for 1/8” to 2”

MAC Series

MAC Series:
MAC series: This series air source treatment unit has tight structure, large flow rate and steadily output. And it is also easy to be installed.

39 Series

39 Series:
39 series: 39 series adopts the standard design, which can be composed and decomposed freely. Its valve body is made of aluminum. It has tight structure , reasonable design, which can be installed easily.  

N series

N series:
N series:This series is designed with high performance, which can provide the large rate and the smallest pressure. It has port size from 1/8” and 1/4”. And it can be connected with pipe, brackets and board. Good quality with competitive price. It is a good replace of Norgren air treatment units.

SFC series

SFC series:
SFC series: This series only has one body, but has some difference joint pipe size. And air regulator is adopted the input balance. The lubricator is designed newly, which is functioned as oil provider. All the size has protective size.