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        Pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic cylinder:
AEROFLEX Cylinder has started very early. It manufactures a wide range of standard series cylinders such as SC series, MAL/MA mini series, DNC standard series and so forth. It has bore size from 6mm to 600mm. With nearly thirty-year experience and strong technology support, we also can design special specifications cylinders according to customer requirements. Pursuing high quality is AEROFLEX permanent goal.

DNC standard cylinder

DNC standard cylinder:
DNC series: DNC series are manufactured according to ISO6431 standard. We has two kinds square type and mini type, normally the bore size from 32mm to 100mm. The sealing of the cylinder is from PARKER, which the support for the good quality.

SC series cylinder

SC series cylinder:
SC series: SC series standard cylinder is composed of the high temperature sealing material. The cylinder can be working under 150℃ and also has different installation accessories for the customer choice.

SDA compact series

SDA compact series:
SDA series: SDA series are manufactured according to the Asia standard, with bore size from 12mm to 100 mm. It is thin and light without any accessories, which can save space. The length of the cylinder is 1/2 to 1/3 shorter than other type.

MA/MAL Mini series cylinder

MA/MAL Mini series cylinder:
MA series: MA series is made of the higher lever steel material. It is thermos table and endurable. The bore size is often from 16mm to 40 mm. We do this type cylinder ourselves, except the sealing. We can also manufacture the special type according to the customer requirement.