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        M/JM series Mechanical valves

M/JM series Mechanical valves:

M/JM series: M series mechanical valve in containing two kinds of working principle, 3/2,5/2. It has port size 1/4” and 1/8”. M series has personal design. It also can be chosen by the customers according to their requirements, for it has different operating button.


MSV Ordering Code
MSV 86 32 1 R
Specification Code Series Code Position and Way Number Joint pipe Bore Button Type
Machine-Contral,Hand-Control Valve 86 Series 32:Two-position Three-way 1:G1/8 Blank: Basic Type
  98 Series 52:Two-position Five-way 2:G1/4 R:Roller Type
        TB:Selective Knob
        LB:Strengthened Knob
        PB:Large Round Button
        PP:Plat Round Button
        PPL:Convex Round Button
        EB:With Lock Button

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