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        MAC Series

MAC Series:

MAC series: This series air source treatment unit has tight structure, large flow rate and steadily output. And it is also easy to be installed.


Model MACP300
Assembly MAFR300,MAL300
Joint Pipe Bore Code 8A 10A
Joint Pipe Bore Dimension PT1/4 PT3/8
Working Pressure Range 0~0.99MPa
Pressure Resistance 15KG/CM2
Pressure Range 0.50~8.5KG/CM2
Operating Flow Air
Ambient Temperature 5~60℃
Filter Precision 5um
Capacity Of Oil Feed Cup 55c.c
Min.Air Flow of Oil 50e/min 60e/min
Recommended Oil Use Machine Oil ISO-VG32
Weight 720g
Accessory Pressure Gauge,Bracket

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