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        Pneumatic accessories

Pneumatic accessories:
Pneumatic accessories:AEROFLEX accessories are including air plastic fittings、pressure gauge、air gun、silencer、PU tube and brackets. They have different specifications, joint port size, colour,etc. Customers can choose what they want according to their requirements. Meantime, we can also do self design and manufacture the special kinds.

Fitting Series

Fitting Series:
Standard plastic fittings: AEROFLEX plastic fitting series is of all the specification, including PT metric thread and G thread, inch size and America size. The structure is various, including from straight fittings, angle fittings, tee fitting, flow control fittings. AEROFLEX Series fittings are famous all over the world.


Silencer: silencer is widely used in all kinds of valves, cylinders. It is used to clean the air and decrease the noise. We can provide different specification silencer to the customers. Among the silencers, the brass kinds are the most popular. The port size is from 1/8” to 1”. Some kinds also have M5 port size. We can also design the special silencer according to the customer requirement.

Air blow gun

Air blow gun:
Air gun : it is also called air blower, which is often used to clean the dust , water and crumb. We have made research on the new type of the plastic air gun based on the traditional one. The new one is very convenient with the spring. It is very popular in the market.

PU tube

PU tube:
Tubes: Tube mainly including PU and PA, widely used in pneumatic systems. It is the indispensible part. Without the tubes, the system can not work. AEROFLEX can provide the high quality tubes and the exact sizes, the different colors.

Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge:
Pressure gauge: AEROFLEX pneumatic can provide many kinds of pressure gauge. Generally, the unit of the pressure gauge is Mpa and psi. The other unit is kgf/cm2 and psi, which is often used in Asian countries. The port size of the pressure gauge is 1/8” and 1/4”. It is one of the most important parts of the pneumatic component.

Metal quick coupler

Metal quick coupler:
Metal Quick Coupler: AEROFLEX metal quick coupler can be made by three different kinds of materials, including stainless steel, iron and zinc. The different quick coupler can be used in environment from all over the world. It also has various port sizes.